Keratin Hair Treatment Vainilla 32 oz 15 minutes + 16 oz Purifying Shampoo

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Perfect shine,Excellent restoration,nourishes dry hair,restoration of damaged hair,keeps hair straight for 4 to 9 months


Keratin treatment It is ideal for perfect straight into the hair,can achieve better nutrition and restore even the most damaged hair the keratin Reyliff Vainilla has a duration of up to five months in the hair always It will be straight without ironing , with Reyliff Vainilla not need wait long days to remove for the hair like other obsolete keratins as being a kera super strong is removed within 15 minutes after completing all the process leaving the hair completely straight .During the duration in the hair keratin Reyliff will not have to use more iron in their hair its always will be smooth and straight for many months. Es el producto ideal para lograr un lacio perfecto del cabello logrando una mejor nutrición y restauración aun de los cabellos más dañados la Reyliff Vainilla tiene una duración de 4 hasta 9 meses en el cabello el cual siempre estará lacio sin necesidad de planchado, con la Reyliff Vainilla no es necesario esperar prolongados días para retirarla del cabello como sucede con otras keratinas mas obsoletas ya que al ser una keratina super fuerte se retira a los 15 minutos después de haber terminado el proceso quedando su cabello completamente lacio .Durante el tiempo que dure en el cabello la keratina Reyliff no va a tener que usar más su plancha en su cabello ya que continuara siempre liso.

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3 valoraciones en Keratin Hair Treatment Vainilla 32 oz 15 minutes + 16 oz Purifying Shampoo

  1. Mila C.

    I have really curly hair, it worked fast. Follow instructions, wash off after 15 minutes as indicated do not leave in for 3 days like normal keratin, it is super strong. Great product, my hair was super dead straight and when i washed my hair i would use the hot brush that usually doesnt work for me, left it straight in like 2 strokes. When going to the beach or a pool, soak your hair in conditioner so that the salt or chlorine doesnt affect it. Wear masks when being applied (both you and person applying) it is really strong. Cover your face with a towel when its being blow dried or ironed. Mine lasted about 3 months before it started getting curly.

  2. Miriam Castañeda

    Buen Producto lo recomiendo para su cabello, me quedo muy bonito cuando lo use

  3. Carla

    Muchachas, se los recomiendo, llega super rapido y el producto trabaja de maravillas

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