Keratin: treatment and use, step by step

This keratin is able to nourish all types of hair, rebuild those that are damaged by the sun or hair straighteners, help manage unruly hair to be smooth and radiant. Keratin penetrates the hair cortex and thus manages to generate results to the outside of it, improving hair quality, elasticity and being moist also produces a smooth, smooth and shiny effect. It also helps to replace the damages caused by ultraviolet rays, smoke or environmental pollution.

A treatment with keratin is recommended for mistreated hair in which the duration of treatment is more appreciable and the most remarkable results, although it is also recommended for well-groomed hair as a way to care for and improve them, the result of keratin treatment can last between two and four months after that time it is advisable to do it again because after the action time the hair will return to its natural shape while remaining bright and healthy with healthy appearance. How many times the most healthy and manageable treatment is applied will the treated hair become. Using keratin treatment is less time needed to dry the hair and for daily combing.

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  1. Muy bien explicado, se entiende a la perfeccion

    13 August, 2018 Reply
  2. Jei

    Hola mi pregunta es después que haga todo ese procedimiento tengo que lavar nuevamente y pasar Bloower y plancha nuevamente.

    4 March, 2019 Reply
  3. How long do you leave the reycliff keratin on hair before hair drying and straightening. Is it 60 minutes?

    4 May, 2019 Reply
  4. Cuantas veces hay que pasar la plancha en cada mechon de cabello

    20 July, 2019 Reply
  5. Would love an English version

    21 February, 2020 Reply

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